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Who should receive urine drug testing and how often?

Urine drug testing (UDT) plays an important role in workers’ compensation, serving as an essential tool for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to ensure safe and effective use of medications by injured employees.


What are the different types of drug recalls?

Drugs can be withdrawn from the market for a number of reasons, ranging from minor labeling errors to the potential risk of severe health consequences. The process behind these recalls are diverse but essential for safeguarding public health.


What are the advantages and limitations of topical vs. systemic pain medications?

Managing chronic pain with medications can be difficult for various reasons. Pain experiences and treatment effectiveness may differ among individuals and caregivers. 


How does a P&T committee influence a workers’ compensation pharmacy program?

A Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee plays a crucial role in the realm of health care, particularly in the context of a workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). 


How does genetic testing enhance risk assessment for opioid use disorder (OUD)?

美国.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first test (AvertD) that uses DNA in assessing whether certain individuals may have an elevated risk of developing opioid use disorder (OUD). 


Beyond convenience, are there advantages in the use of fixed-dose combination drug products?

Fixed-dose combination drug products (FDCDPs) are made up of two different drug ingredients in a single formulation, containing a fixed amount of each. 


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